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A Note of Thanks from Br. Nufail

You will be pleased to know that Br. Nufail Ali (former ALMA president and current Trustee) has returned to Sydney a couple of days ago after dashing to Colombo upon learning the sudden death of his beloved wife Sr. Azaria Nufail on 02 January 2011. In a note of thanks to the Sri Lankan Muslim community here in Sydney, who organised Janaza Ghaib prayers where more than 200 members attended at the Auburn Town Hall on Saturday 08 January 2011, Br. Nufail has sent the following message of appreciation.

"The past 16 months since September 09 had been a tumultuous period for Azaria and me. Although we did not have any immediate family members living in Sydney, we never felt that as a disadvantage to us.

The support and care extended by the whole of Sri Lankan Muslim community was a great encouragement and kept us on a very positive outlook. At times Azaria and I used to wonder as to what we have done to deserve that sort of love and affection from the whole community.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all members of our community for the support, prayers and dua which indeed helped to lessen her sufferings and resulted in a peaceful death."

With love & regard

Indeed it has been a very difficult and emotional time for many many members of our community where Sr. Azaria was a pillar of support over very long period of time. For many she has been like a mum, an aunty, a sister and a great friend. As announced on the day of the Janaza prayers, ALMA invites members of the community to contribute towards a document it is planning to compile under the theme "Celebrating the life and legacy of Azaria Nufail". Those who may have missed the Janaza notice and the Janaza Ghaib prayer report please visit the ALMA website at

ALMA members join me to welcome Br. Nufail back to Sydney and pray that Allah (SWT) give him the courage to face the challenges ahead with great Imaan.



Events & Activities
Eid-ul-Fitr Dinner function July 2016

ALMA had its annual Eid-ul-Fitr Dinner which also contained a segment of ACEP Ramadan competition prize giving as well. This function was attended by a sold-out record crowd of this nature ALMA ever had. It had several activities including trivia and kids games which kept all attendees fully engaged throughout the program.


Edul Fithr July 2016

Alhamdulillah, ALMA had a great Eid Celebration on 6 July 2016 at Turkish Mosque (Youth Centre) in Auburn. A large number of people attended for prayers and thereafter everyone exchanged salams and greetings with each other.