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ALMA Community Education Program (ACEP)

To achieve the association’s objectives of religious development among the younger generation ALMA’s community education program (ACEP) was formed in 2002. ACEP classes started with 13 students and two teachers at the Somerville room in the Auburn Town Hall building in June 2003. Alhamdulillah after 5 years it has grown to 60 students and 8 teachers who are all volunteers working for the pleasure of Allah (SWT). It currently has 5 levels of classes for Qur’an reading and 3 levels of classes for Islamic studies.

ACEP is very fortunate to have capable brothers and sisters among its volunteer teachers who are dedicated and guiding to develop the programs. At this stage classes are held for students and parents during weekends.

The main concept behind ACEP is to provide a foundation for the next generation of leaders of our community and equip them with an Islamic identity so that they will be well prepared for the challenges in a Western society.

We firmly believe in a society where law and order is upheld, drugs alcohol and other substance abuse is prevented, virtues deeds are promoted and the environment is protected for all future generations to come.

If you wish to find out more about the ACEP or if you wish to enroll your child or yourself please contact us for further information. Alternatively please visit us on a Sunday evening between 5.00 pm and 7.00 pm at the Auburn Town Hall to meet one of the committee members and discuss your requirements and also see the ACEP events for yourself.

Qur’an studies

Qur’an reading is taught from an elementary level up to grasping advanced Tajweed concepts. The age groups of students vary from 5 year olds to 18 year old students. There is a special class of students who are dedicated to memorizing (Hifdh) the Qur’an. We are blessed to have highly qualified teachers who have received “Ijaza” qualifications to teach Tajweed concepts and the services of a Haafiz to teach memorizing the Qur’an.

Islamic studies

Islamic studies syllabus is a very broadly defined curriculum including the study of the Seera, Fiqh, and Hadith. At the advance level of Islamic studies, students also learn the application of Islamic knowledge in a Western setting so that a broad understanding of its application is readily understood. At the medium level class, students are equipped with knowledge required to perform the compulsory and voluntary obligations on all Muslims. At the junior level of Islamic studies the students are introduced to the basic concepts of Islam and stories from the Islamic history.

Islamic civilisation and culture

The purpose of this section is to bring awareness to our students of the glorious Islamic history and Islamic sciences. A good understanding of the rule of the Caliphs, the Islamic dynasties and empires is included in the syllabus at a senior level so as to empower them with knowledge that is required towards preparing for a revival in the future. Emphasis is also given into Muslim contribution towards modern science and arts including calligraphy, scientific and mathematical findings.

Personal development

Personal development is an integral part of any educational program. Our focus on personal development is to guide our children to be good Muslims and exemplary citizens of this county. We want them to grow up with pride being a Muslim and be guidance to members of other communities.

General studies

General studies component of ACEP includes classes for students, parents and any interested persons on various issues on Islam and modern living. These include sessions on health matters, legal responsibilities, political realities financial matters, Janaza obligations, government and community based services, debates on a wide range of subjects etc. etc. A monthly lecture is also organized under this plan with an invitation to any interested person to attend.

ACEP sub committee

ALMA has appointed a director to manage the ACEP and in consultation with the director a sub committee has been appointed to assist the director to plan and execute the decisions. The sub committee also plans the syllabus, class structure, eligibility to attend, administration and operational matters.


Events & Activities
25th Anniversary Cricket Tournament winners

The Cricket tournament organised by ALMA making their 25th Anniversary Celebrations ended on a very high note of success.   12 Teams participated and after a nail biting semi-finals, Six Hearts became the clear winners on the day.

Eid-ul-Fitr Dinner function July 2016

ALMA had its annual Eid-ul-Fitr Dinner which also contained a segment of ACEP Ramadan competition prize giving as well. This function was attended by a sold-out record crowd of this nature ALMA ever had. It had several activities including trivia and kids games which kept all attendees fully engaged throughout the program.


Ifthar function June 2016

On the invitation of the leader of the opposition (Parliament of NSW) and MP for Auburn, Hon Luke Foley, ALMA’s liaison officer Abdul Gafoor attended an Iftar function on 17th June 2016. Number of dignitaries including Grand Mufti of Australia, state and federal politicians, Islamic scholars, community leaders, leading school principals were among the invited guests.

Edul Fithr July 2016

Alhamdulillah, ALMA had a great Eid Celebration on 6 July 2016 at Turkish Mosque (Youth Centre) in Auburn. A large number of people attended for prayers and thereafter everyone exchanged salams and greetings with each other.

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